GROUP of 12 and more (December Evening Menu)

           This menu is valid for groups of 12 and more during the month of December
(This menu not valid for December 31st)
(Some items on the menu may change without notice)

3 Course : Appetizer, main dish, dessert


Soup of green peas, mint, citron
Mixed green salad, speck dried ham, cranberries, parmesan, mixed nuts
Shrimp cocktail, cognac Rose Marie sauce  +2$
House made duck and foie gras rillette with christmas aromas dried fruits +6$
Classic beef tartar, quail egg, celery root rémoulade  +4$
 Small melted raclette cheese  +3$
separateur-menu-la-racletteMAIN DISHES
”Pot-au-feu” of duck leg, saucisson vaudois, pork breast, seasonal vegetables
Grilled strip loin beef steak, reblochon cheese, spinach, lardoons gratin, fries  +4$
Salmon cutlet, whole grain mustard sauce, pumpernikel crumble
Zurich style sliced veal, cream sauce, paprika, wine, mushrooms
Plate of melted raclette cheese, cured meat, potatoes, vegetables (or vegetarian)
SHARED DISHES (2 people minimum – price per person) :
(All shared dishes below come with potatoes, vegetables, salad, pickles)
 Our classic cheese fondue served with cured meat (or vegetarian)
 European style raclette served with cured meat (or vegetarian)
 Pierrades (Hot stone grill & cheese melter) :
 La Pierrade all meat, beef, pork, poultry, sausages, raclette cheese  +10$
 La Pierrade Surf & Turf, beef, pork,shrimps, scallops, raclette cheese  +14$
‚Äė‚ÄôMont Blanc‚Äô‚Äô, chestnut vermicelli, vanilla ice cream, meringue¬†
Chocolate Bavaroise, fine crumbled biscuits, berries fruits
 72% melting chocolate dome with butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, pound cake, berry fruits  +6$
Taxes and gratuities not included.