Holiday Evening Menu December 2017

Menu below is offered for the whole month of December except on the 31st.
(Some items on the menu may change without notice).
2 Course: Soup of the day or gaspacho, Main dish
3 Course: A choice of Appetizer, Main dish, Dessert (Add 11$)


Fresh salmon confit, with herbs infused sour cream and caviar
Large scallop carpaccio, black truffle foam (+2$)
Mixed garden salad, dried fruits and nuts cake crumble and smocked cheese shaves
Small foie gras jar, Cointreau infused cherry chutney (+4$)
Braised rabbit cocotte with whole grain mustard and tarragon sauce
Melted raclette cheese, regular or peppercorn

separateur-menu-la-racletteMAIN DISHES

Zurich style veal (QC) in a creamy mushroom sauce  34$
Salmon cutlet, whole grain mustard sauce  34$
Fresh fish of the day, herbs and pretzel crust and sauce vierge  34$
Guinea fowl breast stuffed with spinach and goat cheese with morel sauce  34$
Beer braised wild boar ham, with cranberry chutney and smooth mushy peas  34$
Grilled beef Filet mignon, collard greens gratin, sweet onions and red wine sauce (add a Giant shrimp + 4$)  $ Market Price
* Swiss cheese fondue (gruyère & emmental "Neufchâtel" / vacherin & gruyère "Fribourg") served with dried cured meats, potatoes, veggies, green salad, pickles & onions) (price per person)  36$ *Vegetarian option available
* European style raclette, raclette cheese served with dried cured meats, potatoes, veggies, cider infused apples, green salad, pickles & onions) (price per person)  36$ *Vegetarian option available
separateur-menu-la-racletteOur own pastry chef’s desserts
Our famous chocolate cake, citrus cookie, crème anglaise, vanilla ice cream
Red wine and small fruits fresh soup, home made ice cream and almond crumble
Alcohol infused “Poire Belle-Hélène“, Belle de Brillet parfait, chocolate ganache & caramel pear (+2$)
 Taxes and gratuities not included.
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