Mtl à Table Menu

Live music every night during MTL à Table (November 2nd to 16th)
(Some items on the menu may change without notice)
4 Course Menu: A choice of Appetizer, Trou Normand, Main dish, Dessert



Mixed garden salad, smoked duck from Valleyfield and Elderberry dressing
EVO trout from Les Bobines fish farm with fresh dill
Québec deer tartar, farm-grown vegetables and sabayon brulé (+4$)
Small raclette, regular or with peppercorn


Trou Normand  (Local apple ice cider and sorbet of the day)

separateur-menu-la-racletteMAIN DISHES

Zurich style veal (QC) in a creamy mushroom sauce
Salmon cutlet, whole grain mustard sauce
Grilled strip loin steak with red wine sauce, homemade fries
Local stout braised Nagano pork neck with gooseberry and cranberry chutney
* Fritz Kaiser’s Raclette (Noyan) or cheese fondue with cured meat from Saucisson Vaudois (Sainte-Brigide) *Vegetarian option available


Our famous chocolate cake with wild Lac-Saint-Jean blueberry sauce
Homemade crumble with Éric Tanguay’s orchard apples (Rougemont) and Sortilège maple whiskey