During MtlàTable (November 2nd to 16th), we open 7 days a week, come and enjoy special evenings of delicious dishes, nice ambiance and live music performances by Ariana Nasr and Curtis Thorpe ( Ariana and Curtis have recently moved to Montréal from Nova Scotia where they have been performing the music of Édith Piaf for the last several years. In addition to recreating the sounds of the much beloved chanteuse, the two multi-instrumentalists play and sing classics from Europe, South America and the Balkans, and have a North American jazz and soul repertoire. They are delighted to be performing at La Raclette for MtlàTable!
There is no cover charge for the live performance but a voluntary contribution would be much appreciated by the musicians.
In the time of MTL à Table, we accept groups from Sunday to Thursday!
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