December Dinner Menu

2 Course: Soup of the day or gaspacho + main course:  Price of the main
3 Course: Appetizer + main course and dessert: Price of the main +19$


Fried Brussels sprouts, maple dressing, smoked cheese
Melted raclette cheese, regular or pink peppercorn
Salmon confit, sweet peppers with honey, dill and mustard dressing
Vitello tonnato, egg and tuna emulsion and veal stock reduction +2$
Grilled giant squid tentacles, white beans salsa and chorizo sauce +2$
separateur-menu-la-racletteTrou Normand (Sorbet of the day with apple must 8$ or Kirsch syrup 8$ or Calvados 10$)



Zurich style sliced veal, cream sauce, paprika, wine, mushrooms  46$
Beef goulash with red pesto casarecce pasta  46$
Turkey ”ballotine” with duck, chicken and cranberry filling, herbs gravy  46$
Norwegian cod fish, pretzels crust, fish broth and fennel sauce  46$
Herb crust lamb rack, spinach sauce and green pea butter  53$
Grilled Filet-mignon steak and morel sauce  58$ (with foie gras +6$)
(All Raclette bowls comes with potatoes, vegetables, salad, pickles)
Classic : melted Raclette cheese with cured meats  46$
VĂ©gĂ©-cheese : melted Raclette cheese with vegan hash and veggies  46$
OcĂ©ane : melted Raclette cheese with salmon confit and Nordic shrimps  50$
SHARED DISHES (2 persons min.)
(All shared dishes comes with potatoes, vegetables, salad, pickles)
  Classic cheese fondue served with cured meats or vegetarian  48$/pers.
 European style raclette, cheese of the day, cured meats or vegetarian  48$/pers.
Pierrades (Hot stone grill & cheese melter) :
  La Pierrade all meat (beef, pork, duck, chicken, sausage, cheese of the day)  58$/pers.
  La Pierrade all Beef (Prime quality sliced rib eye, filet-mignon, cheese of the day)  66$/pers.
  La Pierrade Surf & Turf (beef, pork, duck, chicken, sausage, shrimps, scallops, cheese of the day)  70$/pers.


Sorbet of the day or vanilla ice cream, berry fruits, waffle
Mont-Blanc, chestnut vermicellis and vanille ice cream
Amarula flavored Bavarois, cherry compote and crumble
72% melting chocolate dome with butterscotch, ice cream, cake, berry fruits  +7$
Minimum order 46$/pers. Taxes and gratuities not included.
Some items on the menu may change without notice.