Evening Menu

2 Course : Soup of the day or gaspacho, Main dish
3 Course : A choice of Appetizer, Main dish, Dessert (Add 12$)
Wild boar terrine, house made dattes, cranberries and rosemary compote
 Fresh wild mushrooms, truffle oil, polenta espuma, smoked Swiss sausages  +2$
 Fresh market salad, roasted squash, pecans and maple dressing
Melted raclette cheese
Guinea fowl boneless breast, fresh peas quinoa, Muscadet carbonara sauce  36$  (48$)
Grilled beef steak, leek gratin, black garlic potato purée and veggies  38$  (50$)
Roasted lamb rack, artichokes daude, seasonal vegetables  42$  (54$)
Seafood casserole, saffron rice and silky sauce  40$  (52$)
Zurich style sliced veal, cream sauce, paprika, wine, mushrooms   34$  (46$)
         Plate of melted raclette cheese, potatoes, vegetables, cured meat or vegetarian             36$  (48$)
* SHARED DISHES (2 people minimum – price per person) :
(All shared dishes below come with potatoes, vegetables, salad, pickles)
 * Classic half-half cheese fondue served with cured meat or vegetarian  36$  (48$)
 * European style raclette, cheese of the day, cured meat or vegetarian   36$  (48$)
 Pierrades (Hot stone grill & cheese melter) :
 * La Pierrade all meat (beef, pork, poultry, sausages, cheese of the day)  43$  (55$)
* La Pierrade all beef, cheese of the day  46$  (58$)
 * La Pierrade Surf & Turf (beef, pork, shrimps, scallop, cheese of the day)  48$  (60$)
* La Pierrade all Seafood (shrimps, scallops, salmon, cheese of the day)  52$  (64$)
* La Pierrade Royal (beef, lamb, pork, sausages, scallop, salmon, giant shrimp, cheese of the day)  57$  (69$)
(The prices in the brackets are for 3 course menu).
separateur-menu-la-racletteHOUSE MADE DESSERTS
Homemade pudding, Rougemont apples, pecans, dulce de leche
Frozen chestnut Mont-Blanc, maple whiskey (Sortilège) raspberry compote
Praline crunch in a glass with chocolate ganache
Zuger Kirschtorte (specialty cake from the town of Zug in Switzerland since 1921), almond meringue, kirsch, genoise, butter cream  +2$
* 72% melting chocolate dome with butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, pound cake, berry fruits 
(* 3 Course extra : 4$, À la carte : 14.50$)
Some items on the menu may change without notice.
Taxes and gratuities not included.