Evening Menu

2 Course : Soup of the day or gaspacho, Main dish
3 Course : A choice of Appetizer, Main dish, Dessert (Add 12$)
Duck confit, market fresh vegetables and lentils
Fresh bio salmon carpaccio, local raspberries, house made tartar sauce, crispy onions
Fresh wild mushrooms, polenta  espuma, smoked Swiss sausages
 Fresh oak leaf salad, Gruyère cheese flakes, pine nuts and blueberries
Melted raclette cheese
Guinea fowl boneless breast, fresh peas quinoa, Muscadet carbonara sauce  36$  (48$)
Grilled beef steak, heirloom tomatoes, basil, nuts, romesco sauce  38$  (50$)
Crusted lamb rack, artichokes daude, seasonal vegetables  42$  (54$)
Fish of the day papillote, feta cheese crumble, veggies and fresh oregano  36$  (48$)
Zurich style sliced veal, cream sauce, paprika, wine, mushrooms   34$  (46$)
         Plate of melted raclette cheese, potatoes, vegetables, cured meat or vegetarian             36$  (48$)
* SHARED DISHES (2 people minimum – price per person) :
(All shared dishes below come with potatoes, vegetables, salad, pickles)
 * Classic half-half cheese fondue served with cured meat or vegetarian  36$  (48$)
 * European style raclette, cheese of the day, cured meat or vegetarian   36$  (48$)
 Pierrades (Hot stone grill & cheese melter) :
 * La Pierrade all meat (beef, pork, poultry, sausages, cheese of the day)  43$  (55$)
* La Pierrade all beef, cheese of the day  46$  (58$)
 * La Pierrade Surf & Turf (beef, pork, shrimps, scallop, cheese of the day)  48$  (60$)
* La Pierrade all Seafood (shrimps, scallops, salmon, cheese of the day)  52$  (64$)
* La Pierrade Royal (beef, lamb, pork, liver, sausages, scallop, salmon, giant shrimp, cheese of the day)  57$  (69$)
(The prices in the brackets are for 3 course menu).
separateur-menu-la-racletteHOUSE MADE DESSERTS
Dessert of the day
Dulce de leche pudding, apples and pecans
Zuger Kirschtorte (specialty cake from the town of Zug in Switzerland since 1921), almond meringue, kirsch, genoise, butter cream  +2$
* 72% melting chocolate dome with butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, pound cake, berry fruits 
(* 3 Course extra : 4$, À la carte : 14.50$)
Some items on the menu may change without notice.
Taxes and gratuities not included.