Zurich style veal with creamy mushroom sauce

Salmon cutlet with whole grain mustard sauce

(available with small green salad on request)

Swiss cheese fondue

(regular or pink peppercorn or shallots)(Porcini and thyme extra 2$ – served with dried cold cuts meat)(2 persons minimum – price per person)

Fresh cod fish with lemon cream and herbs and parmesan crust

European style raclette

(150gr. cheese), dried cured meats, potatoes and veggies, apple cider apples and green salad – Table stove service – 2 persons minimum – price per person)

Braised lamb shank with Merlot sauce and rosemary

Grilled deer rib steak with foie gras mousse

raspberry and mustard jam

Duck confit with truffle oil mushrooms

(homemade fries and green salad)

Beef strip loin steak with blue Stilton butter