December 31st

Thank you for paying attention to the following informations :
After making your reservation, you will have to call us back or send us an e-mail the latest on December 28th to confirm your presence. All reservations not confirmed by December 28th will automatically be cancelled.
The following menu will be the only menu offered on December 31st. Please note that this special evening 18% gratuity will be added onto the bill.
Please note that the kid’s menu is not available for this special evening and the restaurant will close at 00.30.

We offer 2 options :
First sitting: 5.30pm/5.45pm/6pm until 8pm with a 3 course menu for 85$
(Appetizer, Main dish, Dessert)
Second sitting: starting at 8.30pm with a 5 course menu for 120$
      (Small bite, Appetizer, Trou Normand, Main dish, Dessert)



Butternut squash soup with sour cream and croûtons
Melted raclette cheese, regular or pink peppercorn
Sautéed portobello, bell peppers, celeriac and cranberries, white beans espuma and walnuts
Smoked salmon and asparagus, salmon caviar crèma  +2$
Bison tartare, smoked beef and truffle oil, green peas horseradish purĂ©e and croĂ»tons  +4$


Fish of the day, pretzels crust, fish broth and fennel sauce
Zurich style sliced veal, cream sauce, paprika, wine, mushrooms
Swiss chard and ricotta stuffed guinea fowl breast, chorizo crumble, smooth squash sauce
Grilled rib-eye steak, étouffé of crayfish, artichokes, olives, orzo and chick peas, capers +6$
Braised lamb, spinach flan and apple, peach, sea buckthorn chutney   +3$
Plate of melted Raclette cheese, potatoes, vegetables, cured meats or vegetarian

SHARED DISHES (2 persons min.)

(All shared dishes comes with potatoes, vegetables, salad, pickles)
  Classic cheese fondue served with cured meats or vegetarian 
 European style raclette, cheese of the day, cured meats or vegetarian 

Pierrades (Hot stone grill & cheese melter) :

  La Pierrade all meat (beef, pork, duck, chicken, sausage, cheese of the day)  +10$/pers.
  La Pierrade all Beef (Prime quality sliced rib eye, filet-mignon, cheese of the day)  +17$/pers.
  La Pierrade Surf & Turf (beef, pork, duck, chicken, sausage, shrimps, scallops, cheese of the day)  +20$/pers.


Sorbet of the day or vanilla ice cream, berry fruits, waffle
Swiss roll, fresh vanilla mousseline, raspberries and amarena cherries
*Poire Belle-HĂ©lène infused with Poire William brandy, gingerbread and white chocolate  +2$
72% melting chocolate dome with butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, cake,berry fruits  +7$
Taxes and gratuity not included. Some items on the menu may change without notice.