Our specialties for take out

Please order by phone : 514-524-8118


Soup of the day or Gaspacho   5$
 Small market salad   5$
White wine melted raclette cheese  11$
Mini tartiflette from Noyan  12$

 Main dishes

*Classic Tartiflette with local reblochon cheese, lardoons and onions  21$
*Tartiflette with smoked salmon, maple, lardoons and onions  23$
*Zurich style veal in cream sauce, rösti and veggies   24$
*Fresh salmon cutlet with whole grain mustard sauce, rösti and veggies  24$
Guinea fowl boneless breast, Muscadet carbonara sauce, rösti and veggies   24$
Grilled lamb chops , artichokes daude, olives, rösti and veggies   32$
*Plate of melted raclette cheese, cured meats, potatoes and veggies 23$
*Our classic cheese fondue for 2 with cro√Ľtons, cured meats, potatoes and veggies 38$
(Extra : Bacon and onions +4$/Porcini and thyme +4$/Morels+6$)


Cured meats platter of the day 12$
Portion of rösti   5$
Baguette bread basket and butter   6$
Gluten free bread  4$
Grilled bacon steak  7$
Old fashioned pickle jar  9$


Dessert of the day in a glass  9$
*Zuger Kirschtorte (specialty cake from the city of Zug in Switzerland since 1921)                slightly alcoholic, almond meringue, Kirsch, genoise, butter cream
*(1 portion: 6$ / Whole cake for 8-10 pers.: 45$, order 24h in advance)